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Meet the brewer

From home brewer to commercial success. This is our story.

I have been an avid home brewer for 9 or 10 years, brewing as often as time and space will allow, developing my skills and palette to create great tasting beers that I want to drink and share with friends. My brewing journey like many was sparked with a trip to the USA, to St. Louis, Missouri to be precise where I was amazed by the many different types and styles of beers that were available in most bars. I came back enthused and eager to try and recreate them in my garage.
Many brews and recipes later I have been able to start my adventure of turning my hobby into a business and sharing with you some of those ‘garage beers’ which I hope you will enjoy.
The first brew we launched was ‘Big River Pale Ale’. It’s a 3.6% session pale ale that is heavily late and dry hopped with citrus flavoured American hop varieties Cascade and Amarillo. It is straw like in colour and packed with flavour that makes it a thirst quenching pint to enjoy at least a couple of!
Our core range has now expanded to a total of 5 and with the small capacity of our current cuckoo brewery that is about our limit until we write the next chapter of the story…..
Laith Clark
Brewer & Director, Big River Brew Co

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We are small cuckoo brewery established in Summer 2018, producing small batches of beer in cask, bottle and bag in a box.

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