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4. Three Bottle Gift Pack


Why not choose a gift box of beer for Christmas or any occasion! Pick any 3 of our beers and have them in one of our Gift Boxes.

At the current time we can only offer collection or free local delivery with orders over £20 within GL7.

Don’t forget all of our beer is Certified Gluten Free.

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All of our beers are produced using traditional brewing methods, however during fermentation we add a natural enzyme which removes the gluten in the finished beer. We regularly test our beers to validate the gluten removal using an independent Lab, once tested they are then certified as being Gluten Free. To date all have come back showing gluten present at less than 10ppm. UK food Standards allow us to call a product Gluten Free at below 20ppm.

Delivering your Gift Pack

Due to the packaging of the gift box we can only offer collection or free local delivery for orders over £20 within the GL7 post code.


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